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    Dungstar the Poo Pope
    Is this a reference to something/thematically tied to a certain set? I haven't seen Rick and Morty or many f the newer cartoons in the Cartoon Network sets, so I'm not sure if it's a reference or just random silliness.

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    It's from Epic Spell Wars III.
    Matt Hyra
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Hyra View Post
    It's from Epic Spell Wars III.
    Ahh thanks. I've played a few rounds of the first one, didn't expect to see it referenced in the Cerberus games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Hyra View Post
    Are you just talking about Volunteer promos?
    There was also female version of the 2016 Vol, but no different. Other than that, those are it.
    The idea was you could add as many as you can get your hands on (up to 4).
    Yes I was, and thank you, helps me out a lot!

    I know these Volunteer promos weren't made in mind of people using it competitively or anything like that, but it helps catalog for collections and general interest.

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    Newest promo: Forager from Origins 2018. Per Matt only four were given out.

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