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    Question Danny Phantom DBG expansion

    I'm not really sure where to put this, but I have created a fully functioning Danny Phantom base set for this game (a fully printed test set with art from the show) and was wondering how I talk to Cryptozoic about seeing if they are interested in obtaining it? I understand there are legal licensing deals to be arranged, but after extensive playtests I see potential here.

    Any ideas on how I go about contacting them?? Or am I dumb and they do all their own stuff and don't care about my creation?

    See all cards HERE
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    There are cool concepts from the show like the reality gems (a spoof of infinity stones from Marvel) included in my version that works as ongoing cards. Additionally things like the Ring of Rage/Crown of Fire, Shadow/Johnny 13 pair together for added bonuses. It is very thematic (as a longtime phan of the show), but if you aren't familiar with it the concept probably will not excite you. There are ghost zone traps that act similarly to personal crisis cards. Since a big part of the show is Danny's hybrid human/ghost forms, all oversized characters have two sides that can be flipped mid-turn to grant new abilities (max 1 flip/turn). The kicks have been replaced with "going ghost" cards that forcibly flip your characters as well as cards that grant it as an option. Super powers have been replaced by ghost powers, but otherwise everything functions almost identically to the DC DBG. There is a lot of potential here and I suppose if it is never published I will have my own personal copy to play (obviously I can not sell because of copyrights by Nick).

    Maybe if Butch Hartman (show creator) could get in on this, he could have the power to work out some kind of lisecning deal with some added hype. Not sure, but I would just LOVE the opportunity to see this project adopted on a large scale.

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    Here is a link to the google drive with all of the completed card art. I am not selling these as I have no right to the original images. These are purely meant as inspiration for others to use when creating their own custom games for PERSONAL use only.

    All Completed Cards Linked HERE

    Cryptozoic, hopefully this inspires you to make something happen!

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