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Hey, trying to get a handle on what the Promos are for Epic Spell Wars.

I know there were suppose to be 4 first print promos, but I'm not sure which ones they are, they didn't seem to be packaged separately like previous promos.

I saw Abraca-Labrador + Hocous Porkus, and Cthulhu was part of a Launch kit or Tournament kit.

Also I'm a bit confused on that card you posted earlier, the Wild Root Dancer, what set/game was that designed for in Cerberus.
The Four Promos in the box are Familiars for Wizards that have been in the original card game (one from each set).
Poof the Gay Cloud
Saint Stinkus
Horny Hank, Party Demon
Lord Squeakers, Esq
They all have the PROMO tag at the bottom of the card. The Wizards they belong to are not in the box.

The Juice is an Event exclusive promo Familiar for Studd Spellslammer. They come together.

Wild Root Dancer was the Volunteer Promo for 2019. He is not meant for each particular set, but could be played in any.