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    Combining Rick and Morty Deck Building Games

    Hi All,

    I just received both Rick and Morty deck building games this Christmas.

    How would I go about combining them into one game? Are there any guidelines?



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    Check page 4 of the Rickshank rulebook, section 3:

    3. Mixing with Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

    Shuffle both main decks together to make one giant deck!
    Shuffle all of the Locations together to make one large stack. Use the whole stack for both games. Also, use the Access Token pool for all mixed games.

    Grab both final Nemeses, secretly choose one of them at random, and place it face down.
    Grab both starting Nemeses, choose one of them at random, and place it face up off to the side for a moment. Shuffle the remaining 10 Nemeses/Council of Ricks, randomly choose five of them, and place them face down on top of the last Nemesis card.

    Lastly, place the chosen starting card on top of the stack. The stack should have a total of seven cards in it. Place the unused Nemeses back in the box without looking at them.

    Note: All cards in this stack are considered “Council of Ricks” for the purposes of cards that reference the stack.
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