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    DC DBG what are some of your house rules changes?

    I was wondering if there is a community opinion on certain cards. I seen some members talk about not using overpowered cards and others just changing them. I was wondering about if there is a collection of community house rules.

    For example: swamp thing having +5 power for controlling a location seems nuts to me. I just have him at 3 power so he's still playable.

    I just got the multiverse and had Oa location come up and is it meant to be played because it's a free draw since the lowest SV is brainaic at 10 power. How do others deal with this interaction?

    I'm not a fan of removing cards from the set when I go through so much trouble collecting them

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    If you're playing with Rogues we always found Bag of Tricks to be way too much. Victory at will. So we changed it to "Pay x vps = get x power. Only draw 1 card". Otherwise you just pay 5 vps to draw a new hand (+5 power) and run the table.

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    My group has changed Man of Steel to only get back 3 super powers from your discard. Also, when flipping up the initial lineup, anything the costs more than 5 gets shuffled back into the main deck, unless we're playing with a multiverse. We've also banned whichever crossover set had time travel from multiverse games. Always ends up being far too powerful and annoying.

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    No real house-rules, but: Lobo, Man of Steel, Mind Control Hat, White Lantern Power Battery, Power Armor, Teen Titans Go, and Match all get shuffled into the bottom third of the deck if they're being used. Those cards are just insane early game.

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    I lobby to have Arkillo from Heroes Unite removed from regular play these days. Like Man of Steel, it get ridiculously overpowered to be able to grab every piece of equipment you have in your discard, and also has led to some players building around a strategy to get the Kyle Raynor win. All you need are three rings, Kyle, a Skeets and a Flight Ring.

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    My friend and I play competitively, gambling Hearthstone packs on best 2 out of 3 matches.

    The only card we've ever looked at and decided needed a house rule was Impossible Mode Black Adam. Being able to steal a card from an opponent at random is completely overpowered beyond belief. When we declared that house rule was after my friend had used IM Black Adam to steal 3 for 3 Super Villains from my deck. He won by 5 points at the end of the game. Such a complete luck based factor isn't reasonable.

    An early power card like Man of Steel in any game may or may not break the game, but it is also a matter of letting the person see new cards in the Line-Up. Was the card you bought worth potentially seeing something big that they can attain? Do they have the power to snatch up Man of Steel should he arrive before you could? These are questions I ask myself before every buy.

    In my opinion, house rules should really only exist to remove an extreme luck based factor that is game altering. What gets dealt to the Line-Up isn't luck based, it is part of how card games play out. But being able to steal random cards from your opponent, not as a result of a Nemesis First Appearance Attack, is quite silly.

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    My group doesn't really house rule anything RE: main deck cards or supervillains, but we do have a "best of" stack (of about 25) of the oversized character cards we use instead of choosing randomly from all or the specific set we're playing. We use this unless we're doing sets like Forever Evil (where we use only the Supervillains) and crossover packs where the superheroes have important mechanics for that set (Rogues, etc.).

    We typically only do Two Heads Are Better Than One, and we allow one chance to mulligan after everyone has been dealt their characters (to help alleviate getting stuck with a bad combination).

    A couple of times we've played with three characters each, but that gets pretty crazy and it's not something we would normally do.

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    We have a super fun variant called 2 Man Team-Up.

    Randomly deal 3 Super Hero to each player.
    Choose 2 to play.
    At the start of your turn (before playing any cards), announce which Super Hero is leading the team.
    Only use that Super Hero's ability that turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N-Finite View Post
    We have a super fun variant called 2 Man Team-Up.

    Randomly deal 3 Super Hero to each player.
    Choose 2 to play.
    At the start of your turn (before playing any cards), announce which Super Hero is leading the team.
    Only use that Super Hero's ability that turn.
    That's interesting. Like a tag-team variant of Two Heads Are Better Than One.

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    Man Of Steel is a pretty ridiculous card. Especially since it doesn't limit kicks and it's plus three power if you have a dead hand. I've read that some players limit Sciencell and Saint Walker from Heroes United.

    We don't really limit cards but we do call games if a player consistently defeats too many main super villains before the other players does.

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