Yea, it's me again. Overgeneralizing this game. Sorry in advance.

So was Ol Corn Eye changed from a 1 Cost to a 2 Cost for balance purposes?

And Pyramid of the Sun states that if a Cost 1 or higher Sandylands creature enters its lane, you can return it to your hand.
Assuming you have 2 of them in play and a SandWitch in another lane- You'd merely need to play 2 copies of Sailing Sand Crab into the lanes that the Pyramids are in, because the first crab would enter play and then return to your hand; you'd then play the 2nd Crab in the other Pyramid's lane and it would also proceed to return to your hand. But because of each Crab's ability activating because they would keep entering play, you would just play the first, then the 2nd, then the first again, and so on, and so on. Then with SandWitch, each time one of these Crabs would enter play, your opponent would take 1 damage- essentially this leads to a loop that wins you the game. You can also do this with Peach Djini instead of SandWitch, and in which case, Djini would essentially have infinite ATK.
I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and we both came to the conclusion that this might have been an oversight on Pyramid's design, in regards to cards that were later printed. So was this the case?