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    Epic Spell Wars 4?

    Is there any information out there about Epic Spell Wars 4 other than just the title and cover for the box, so far? I'm guessing it may expand on the "cantrip" and "bad trip" mechanics introduced in ESW 3 or will there be additional elements added to the game? Also any approximate time frame for release?

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    It won't refeature Cantrip or Bad Trip. Instead it will focus on the MTDs (Magically Transmitted Diseases), which are tokens you pull from a gross sack.
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    Gnarly...Will be interesting to see how those work and if this is another expansion that works better on it's own. Can't wait!

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    In a Gama Trade Show 2018 press conference video on the Dice Tower channel, there was an announcement from Cryptozoic that Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at Pleasure Palace is going to be released this year. This is the 4th installment in the Epic Spell Wars series. It's not clear when it is released exactly, but my guess is that it will be near the end of the year.
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    Thanks! I was able to search this up and get a couple more meager morsels of info, so that was very helpful!

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