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    The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary - Bloodletting scenario


    I am a little confused with the objective lock rule here.
    When finding objective A it says that all objective locks should be removed.
    Does this mean that the ”Escape Route” (objective C)-card can be gained and acted upon before players even have progressed to ”3 - Keep Moving”?

    If you’d make a comparison to Traffic Jam, the earlier scenario, then as per the lock rules you wouldn’t get to start the ”Recently Fed Walker” (objective B) until you had completed ”2 - Protect Sophia”.

    Thanks for answer on this.

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    Welcome back, Andyb80. It sounds like you have it exactly right. When all the lock tokens are removed, you'll be able freely gain the remaining objective cards when they turn up in the search decks. You're basically unlocking those objective cards ahead of schedule, so to speak.

    Please feel free to ask if you have any follow-up questions or anything. Good luck with your sessions, and thank you for playing.

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    Interesting, seems like in this case you don't want to find them ahead of time though? As both B and C is bad for you. But it creates an interesting backward scenario that way I guess. Cool, thanks for fast answer again!

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