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    Have a question about the Rivals 2 location, New Korugar. Some Defense clauses might need some clarification for those of us that mix sets. Clauses like those found on Bulletproof or The Cape and Cowl are pretty self-explanatory. But consider the following:

    Donna Troy (Confrontations) and Steve Trevor (Confrontations) - Do you still have to discard the card? This falls under the same "If you..." clause as the cards mentioned above.

    Astro Harness (Crossover 7) and Jaime Reyes (Teen Titans) - This one is odd. The Defense action forces you to put the card into play. But what happens on your next turn? Do you just not play the card and put in your discard pile with the rest of your non-Ongoing cards?

    Donna Troy (Crisis 4) - This one also seems like it just becomes a reveal Defense ala Blue Beetle, but is that the case? Do you still have to discard either Donna or an Ongoing and skip drawing the card completely?

    I appreicate any forthcoming answers and clarifications. Thanks!
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