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    DC Deckbuilding Tournament: Saturday; July 21, 2018


    I just wanted to let everyone know about a DC Deckbuilding tournament we are holding near Nashville, Tennessee next month. We hope you'll come out so we can meet more DCDB players and make some new friends!

    Event Location:
    The Next Level Games
    2144 Gallatin Pike North
    Goodlettsville, TN 37072

    All of the tournament details can be found here:

    We have quite a few strategy articles posted here for anyone unsure of what to expect:

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    The tournament is next week, and we've got New Gods added to all the cubes. Here's an article so you know some of what to expect!

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    17 players, and 4 very exhausted judges/commentators participated in the Tennessee Championship, which lasted for 7 rounds. Players came from Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas to participate in the event.

    With the release of New Gods, several players choose to play with Darkseid as one of their Main Characters, which stirred up the format quite a bit. Golden Glider continues to be a top contender, as does Harley (whom seems to have no problem dispatching Darkseid players when she is combined with Red Lantern Supergirl). You can check the full tournament report here:
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