Here's my tournament report from our event on 8-12-18 in Orlando, FL

The tournament went great! We had 20 players in attendance!
Congratulations to our top 4 winners:
1st Christian Lang
2nd Anthony Ector
3rd Zhi Liao
4th Kenneth Rodriguez

Top 4 had a choice of prizes which included Multiverse box, Confrontations and 2x Crisis 4 or store credit.
Promo cards were raffled before the start of round 4 (Vixen, Black Lightning, 4x Gypsy & 2x New God Crossover packs.)
We gave each player a raffle for attendance, bringing all of your base set copies of the DC deckbuilding game (in case we need it for the event), and for each new player you bring to the tournament.
Game Format:
- 4 Round Pod Tournament with a cut to Top 4
- 45 Minute Rounds (Most games were completed in this timeframe.)
- 4 Player Pods
- Used 8 Super-Villains from each respective set per round.
- To reduce the chances of cheating we had players offer the opponent to their right to cut their deck whenever shuffled.

Round 1 DC Comics Deck Building Game Base Set
Round 2 Heroes Unite
Round 3 Forever Evil
Round 4 Teen Titans
Top 4 Crisis 4 w/ Teen Titans

69 characters were used (Promo characters included.) Each player eliminated a character as an option. Then each player chose one of the remaining characters to use for the rest of the tournament. This was done in a snake draft format. (The first in line to elimate a character was the last to pick their character.) We excluded characters from Confrontations, Teen Titans Go, Rivals, New Gods and Crisis versions. Huntress, Batwoman and Phantom Girl were excluded as well with their abilities being useless in this event.

For pictures from the tournament, check the link below:

Thank you to all who came out to play! Look for our next event in September!