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    Scenario strategies

    Hey all. I'm kinda stuck on the first scenario in the Researching Spook Central campaign. I can't seem to get a strategy to work. Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

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    That one starts with Sandman, right? We found that we had to focus on him first. If we closed a single gate (tried this twice), we just ended up spending way to much time keeping out of LoS of the closed gates, and getting put to sleep way too often.

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    I'm actually talking about the scenario with Zuul and Vinz Clortho.

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    Blah, sorry, I was thinking Sedgewick. I have not done Spook Central yet.

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    I think it's best to just make a thread for each scenario and we can discuss it there.

    See my Sandman thread.

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    I think the problem lies in the movement of the terror dogs and the goal of your team moving them apart faster than they move toward one another. This seems ridiculously difficult due to the mechanics of terror dog motion, not so much from a strategy standpoint as a simple probability issue.

    Every time you hit them (50% of the time), they move toward/away from you (and if you're positioned correctly, away from one another), which is great. When you miss, however, they move both in a random direction and then toward one another. Ignoring the fact that the random direction can help or hinder you, this means that you're roughly holding them in place if you hit as often as you miss (likely given 50% of the time and most abilities not unlocked yet).

    Unfortunately, they also move toward one another at the end of every turn cycle (sometimes twice depending on die roll) AND every time you miss when trying to close a gate, so you really need to hit several times without missing to break even. On top of that, your goal is actually to get them near the gates, so you have to actually gain ground to pull them into gate range.

    All of this has to happen when the Ghostbusters are at starting level 1, haven't unlocked additional actions, and have to split the team over two ends of the map. Given you're essentially flipping coins at this low level to hit and things only get worse if you end up next to the dogs, I have to assume we missed something in our interpretation of how this scenario works.

    My friends and I got frustrated with the scenario and stopped trying after flailing with it for a very long time. Did we miss a movement clarification or errata or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurai_Seraphim View Post
    Did we miss a movement clarification or errata or something?
    I've been wondering about this as well. I do not think there is an Errata document in existence yet. Really, the games landed in major waves in Oct/Nov, so there is only 4 full months of real life mass play going on. Good note for CZE, if a new Kickstarter/expansion is on the way, game balance is always a hot topic. It may be a great time to offer an updated/clarified game book or at the very least a PDF.

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    There IS a clarification document, but not an errata document. It was part of one of the Kickstarter updates. It's similar to the clarification of the Ghostbuster Special abilities in the rulebook, but it covers all the Kickstarter Exclusive 'busters and all the ghosts.

    I just checked it and it only says that if there is more than one Zuul (or Vinz Clortho) on the map, they move toward the other Zuul (or Vinz Clortho). Nothing more than that.

    I have not played through this scenario yet, so I can't comment on strategy for it. In April I should have a chance to play a bunch more of the game, so we will probably get to this campaign then.
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    We have not yet beat it, but we have gotten close. Here is the strategy we are working with, assuming we are reading the rules right.

    The idea is to lock Zuul into the box she starts by. This relies on a lot of luck for the first round, but is easy to reset if things do not work out.

    Round 1.
    -Player 1 starts on the shortest route to Zuul, exiting the car after the second move. Should put them pretty much next to the librarian.
    -Player 2 continues on the rout to Zuul. After using both moves on the car, they exit they vehicle.
    -Player 3 drives the car closer to Zuul. They remain in the car.
    -Player 4 completes the trip on their first action, uses a maneuver to get out of the car, and then closes the gate on their second action. As a note, they should make sure the car itself is not adjacent to the box Zuul will hopefully be trapped in.
    -As the round ends, Zuul will pop out and all gates will open. there is a 3 in 8 chance Zuul will appear inside the orange box and be unable to exit, as Zuul is stopped by obstacles. Vinz begins his trip around the board.

    Next few rounds.
    -Player 1 will be the first to encounter Vinz, and should set up to keep pushing Vinz into the grass areas with the other gates.
    -Player 2 will be moving up to support and head off Vinz should Player 1 roll badly.
    -Player 3 will be driving the car back to help Player 1 and 2 move Vinz.
    -It may help to shoot the Librarian, just so movement and line of sight is not restricted. She is in the center of where most of the rest of the game takes place. Depends on what gate she ends up at as to how effective shooting her is.
    -Player 4 hangs out and deals with any other ghosts around the Zuul gate.

    At this point, once you can push Vinz next to a gate, close it. Then Player 4 gets two chances at the Zuul gate to win the scenario.

    This strategy is as close to winning as we have got. It is still pretty heavily luck based. If Zuul does not get trapped in the box right away, the strategy falls apart. If Vinz gets by the other three players, it is pretty much over.

    Other notes - If player 4 is adjacent to the orange box at the end of round 1, they will likely be adjacent to Zuul. This is why they should not park the car adjacent to the box. While they cannot use actions, they can use a maneuver to get in the car, and can then act. If this is the case, you may want to have Player 3 get out of the car Round 2, and have them hang out to close the gate at the very end while Player 4 drives back to support pushing back Vinz.

    It is of course possible we have read something wrong or missed something, but if not this seems like our best chance. It results in a lot of false starts, since Round 1 has to end a specific way, and it also means going into scenario 2 with almost no XP, but you do what you gotta do with a scenario like this.

    If this works for someone else, or if you see something wrong or have a better idea, please share. Thanks!

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    * Do Terror Dogs work like ghosts? Can they move through solid objects? When they run into a Ghostbuster, do they move through them? Do they "push" the ghostbuster? Is the ghostbusters slimed when pushed by a terror dog?

    * In this scenario, if the terror dogs work like solid objects, is the game still over if they are adjacent to each other with a red line between them and they technically can't reach each other? What about an orange line?

    * Can the dogs get sucked into the two gates that are blocked by an orange line if they are adjacent to it?

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