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    Hello a friend of mine and I argue every time this comes up.

    Impossible mode Mongul:
    First Appearance - Attack: Each player destroys one Location of each different cost he controls.
    If you have none or avoid this Attack, gain two Weakness cards.

    Now to me if you have one five cost location you destroy it, he submits that since there is no different cost other than five it does not get destroyed because it is for each DIFFERENT cost but because he does not have a six or seven cost location it is safe.

    Please for the love of god answer this for us because we argue about it EVERY time it comes up.

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    You destroy a Location even if you only have a Location(s) of one cost. As long as you have at least one Location, you will have to destroy it.
    Nathaniel Yamaguchi
    CZE Playtester & Designer

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    "destroy one location of EACH different cost" so that means destroy a location of cost 1....and of cost 2.. and so forth. so something is gonna blow up if you have any locations in play.

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