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    Confused about Grand, Mega, and HyperPlasms

    What holders do you use to create the Grand, Hyper, and MegaPlasms ? What is the big pink Plasm that has a shallow ring in it ? I placed three of the very small pink minis in it, but there is no instructions on how to assemble these "ghosts". Any clarification(s) are appreciated !

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    at first i used a marked (color magenta) to hold 3 super plazm to make a grand plazm-unless the senario needed an other base .-now i only use a base when the senario need it.
    the big plazm (mega plazm)- use in senario 1 of the washington scare campaign - is the one you have to put 3 super plazm on top .
    there is no instruction how to use them , but try it , its pretty simple
    1- plazm is call super plazm
    2- is call hyper plazm
    3- is call grand plazm
    the mega plazm is a mini boss ( you have to put a caustic grand plazm on top)
    there s the hemo plazm ( it s a super plazm with an other name , but they dont attach together)
    finally there s the giga -plazm ( boss of senario plazm phenomenon senario 4)

    welcome in the world of plazm

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