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    The Walking Dead - No Sanctuary - ”Killer Within” Breach Rule Question

    It says place Pressure token on ”Nearest space along edge of map”. I take it we need to use the Map Card (right, left, up, down) to define what space is nearest in case of having two spaces on similar proximity to player figure?

    Thanks for help!

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    Welcome back, Andyb80. Once again, it looks like you have it correct there; if two spaces on the edge of the map are tied for being the "nearest space," use the Target Priority arrow of the Map Card currently on top of the discard pile to break the tie.

    Thank you for the question, and we hope you continue to enjoy the game as you play through these Killer Within scenarios and beyond.

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    Thanks! Breach mechanic felt as a good alternative to the ordinary way of spawning the walkers. Maybe not as threatening though. But we’ve only played the first scenario.

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