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    DC Deckbuilding Tournament


    I just wanted to let everyone know about a DC Deckbuilding tournament we are holding in Waco, Texas next month. This will be our fourth tournament of the year. We hope you'll come out so we can meet more DCDB players and make some new friends!

    We have quite a few strategy articles posted here for anyone unsure of what to expect:

    You can also check our Main Character stats page to find out which MCs are performing the best overall, etc to help you prepare for the event:

    All of the tournament details can be found here:

    Saturday, October 27, 11am-8pm
    Nexus Esports
    600 Columbus Ave. Suite 102
    Waco, Texas 76701
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    We had a great turnout over the weekend, here's the full tournament report:

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    We had two events last month, and have another planned for this month. Here's two event reports, plus a link to the next event:

    February events:
    North Carolina Tournament:

    Kentucky Championship:

    Texas Tournament:

    Our calendar for the rest of the year is expected to have at least one event per month, and is located here:

    Also a link to the Tennessee event in January of this year for anyone who missed that report:

    Thanks to everyone for participating, and if you haven't yet, our events are open to anyone who wants to attend!

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    Tournament report for the event in Texas last weekend:

    The next events we have coming up are:

    April 24th, North Carolina (
    April 27th, Oklahoma (

    Both are open to everyone and will have Forager Promos included as part of the prizes!
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    We held the Oklahoma Championships over the weekend and have our first two time Championship winner! The full event report is here:

    We have several events lined up for this summer in North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas as well as a recently added event in Ohio! Everyone is welcome to participate in the events and we hope to see many of you there! Details about these events are linked in the article.

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    Here's the schedule for our next few upcoming cube tournaments:

    Wednesday, May 29
    Get Some Games, Charlotte, NC

    Saturday, June 15
    Plus One Gaming, Cincinnati, OH

    Saturday, June 22
    Nexus Esports, Waco, TX

    All of our events are open to everyone and we hope to see you there!

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    how can we participate in this great event?

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    I messaged you directly zfulhr. I can try and help you find an event near you that you can participate in.

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    Here's the report from the tournament in Ohio over the weekend. Players only have a few days to study up on the top teams as they prepare for the Texas tournament this weekend!

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    Our next event is coming up in just under two weeks. We will be demo'ing Rebirth all day in conjunction with the tournament, and you are welcome to play in both, or just stop by for a free play through of Rebirth. One lucky player will get to take home the copy of Rebirth at the end of the day!

    Saturday, July 20
    The Next Level Games, Madison, TN

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