* Sunday, November 11th, 2018
* STARTS at 11:30 am
* 4 rounds of swiss with a top cut of 4.
* $5 Entry
* Please Bring your copy of the base set DC Deck Building Game.
An additional raffle ticket will be rewarded for bringing it, as we may need it for the event.
* Feel free to invite other players! An additional raffle ticket will be rewarded for bringing a new player!*Prizes are to be determined.


- 4 Round Pod Tournament with a cut to Top 4
- Round Time: 45 Minutes
- 3 to 4 Player Pods

We will only use 8 out of the 12 Super-Villains for the set each round. This consists of the starter villain and 7 random Super-villains (or 6 random Super-villains and the final Super-villain). This is how the game normally plays in the rulebook.

At the end of Round time, play continues until each player has had the same number of turns.

Players will earn points at game end in the following order according to how many VP (Victory Points) they have accumulated:

1st: 5 points
2nd: 3 points
3rd: 2 points
4th: 2 points

If points are tied in VP, the game moves to Tiebreaker #1 and a Tiebreaker #2 to determine 1st - 4th placement.
The tiebreakers are:

Tiebreaker #1: Most Super-Villains defeated at rounds end
Tiebreaker #2: Most cards in your deck at rounds end

At the end of the last round, Top Cuts are decided by the highest total of points accumulated from each round. Tiebreakers for Top Cut are decided by whoever defeated the most Super-Villains defeated throughout the tournament.

Top Cut:
Only the top 4 players with the best records from the Pod style tournament will move on to Top 4.

Game Format:
Round 1 DC Base Set
Round 2 DC Base Set
Round 3 DC Base Set
Round 4 DC Base Set
Top 4 DC Base Set

- All 69 characters will be used except Confrontations, Teen Titans Go, Rivals, Crisis and New Gods will NOT be used.
- Promo characters Joker, Skitter, Vixen and Black Lightning will be available for use.
- Each player will remove a character as an option in the draft pool. Then each player will draft 1 of the remaining characters to use for the rest of the tournament.
- The drafting order will be by arrival time to the event. (ex. If you're the first to arrive, you will be the last player to remove a character from the drafting pool and first player to draft their character to use for the event.)


Keywords Time Travel and Teamwork are allowed, but expansion cards from the sets containing are not.

Banned Cards:
- Phantom Girl
(Reason: Expansion cards with Time Travel will not be used.)
- Huntress and Batwoman
(Reason: Expansion cards with 90-degree effects will not be used.)

Once a Player has moved a card to their Discard Pile from the Line-up and they are no longer physically touching the card, then the Buy is final.

Ending Your Turn:
Once a Player has announced they are done with their turn, then their turn is over. Any player taking their turn early will be considered cheating.

Feel free to contact Cory Goff (N-Finite via Cryptozoic forums) or Robert "Bobby" Clark (Cool Stuff Waterford store manager) for further details.