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    New Products for 2019?

    Not much new content has been announced for 2019. We know Rebirth was pushed back to 2019 and Batman: Ninja Crossover has been announced. That's all we know so far.

    When can we expect more 2019 announcements? Any more Crossovers or Rivals planned for next year?

    You know, a Superman/Doomsday Rivals would be amazing. As would a Superman-themed Crossover. Just sayin'.

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    The first announcements each year happen at New York Toy Fair in February.
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    Reign of the Supermen seems as likely as anything for a crossover, plus it's in right now thanks to the impending animated movie, so who knows?

    A Superman Rivals set seems out, though, if I had to guess. He got that treatment in Confrontations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LRoq617 View Post
    A Superman Rivals set seems out, though, if I had to guess. He got that treatment in Confrontations.
    I know it's a stretch. I just keep mentioning it because Superman's abilities in Confrontations were disappointing. I love the set, but it makes me sad that my favorite character gets spanked whenever we play.

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    I could be wrong but I think Dark Nights Metal would be awesome for the next big box set. It would be sick my friend seems to think it couldn't happen but I think there's a good chance of it happening at least I hope so.

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    I know most of us only play the DC games primarily but seeing as we just got the new Rick and Morty. I'm quite interested in what non DC property will get the Deck Building treatment, I would love a new anime one, even though it was shot down I'm holding out hope for My Hero Academia, heck if we're going the shonen route, Bleach or Fairy Tail would be awesome choices. But I can't wait til the announcements come some time next week.

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