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    Extreme Ghostbusters Kickstarter Character Cards Remade

    I painstakingly and loosely recreated the Kickstarter XGB cards. The reference for the ability text was a photo from an eBay auction for the real set. The images shown off were from other sources in a sense of irony. I even added the GB2 logo for sh!ts n' giggles. This is basically for the people who missed out on the Kickstarter back in April 2016. The set contains Garrett, Roland, Kylie, Eduardo, and my OC, Charlie Reynolds, as a bonus. There is a link to an Imgur album right here to check them out. A template was used, which is the one originally made by Zombie57 but spiced up by me for full compatibility for all Photoshop users. See my posts in the "Custom Characters" thread to download my enhanced template.
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    It was really good to see that you have introduced some kind of earthquake safety kit board games over here. Kids as well as youngsters are really interested in playing these kinds of games. I am looking here for more details about the game and hope that you will update the details soon here.

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