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    PLEASE HELP ice king vs marceline card wars pack.

    hi so i have questions about the ice king vs marceline card wars pack

    the frozen tokens
    when i get the frozen token on my land does that mean i cannot use the creature at all (its abilities, attack opponent or floop him?). and when i get attacked to i attack back with the creature on frozen landscape.

    when the opponent gets a creature that freezes the landscape can he only freeze it once or does he keep freezing it every turn (even though i remove the frozen token by discarding a card)

    icemeister: says at start of your turn deal 1 damage to each creature on landscape with frozen token on it. so does this happen every turn or once

    can you destroy opponents buildings, because the snow business card is a bit over powered. pay one action to freeze landscape and when opponent does so, every time i have to discard card to remove the token to use my creature and then when its opponents turn he keeps freezing it again and again.
    so is it possible to destroy the building

    to use the hero card does it use up the action

    the big hen house card how do you know how much damage i deal to my creature at start of my turn
    (1 or 2) and also is it for one round or every round

    does discarding a card cost action

    thank you
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    A Frozen token just means you can't play a Creature there. You still attack, use Floop bikinis, and everything else.

    A Creature will only freeze a Landscape once.

    Icemeister does his thing at the start of each turn, not just once.

    You cannot destroy a Building without a card. That building is not as awesome as you think. Once you discard to get rid of theFrozen token and you play a Creature there, refreezing it does nothing to stop that Crwature from attacking, etc. So you do not need to remove that Frozen token right away.

    Hero cards don't require an Action unless it says it does.

    You choose 1 or 2 with Big Hen House and it is every round.

    Discarding is not an action.
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    thank you very much for answering my questions i really enjoy the game and i prefer playing it by the rules.

    i just have 2 more questions.

    the big hen house, can i just pick 1 every time the round starts? and if i pick 2 does that mean i get 2 hp or still 1?

    different types of landscapes, say im playing with 2 niceland and 2 useless swamp landscapes and i have a creature that requires niceland landscape. can i place it on useless swamp landscape or does it have to go on the niceland landscape.

    thanks again for the explanations

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    Yes, you can pick 1 each time.
    If you choose to deal 2 damage, you still only heal 1 HP.

    Any Creature may be played onto any Landscape.
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