I have played through base game and have so far no problems. However when I started playing What lies ahead I played Traffic Jam scenario and came up to some uncertainties in the rules. I play solo and usually one survivor plus ally and so far this was the most difficult scenario. Please help to clarify:

1. Divert Event card Neglect rule instructed to "Raise Threat by 1, then place the Roamer Token in a random Space" - I drew the random Map card to determine the random location. This put my roamer token away from the edge of the tile and as a result throughout the game I could not fulfil the first objective ( the Walker needs to be in the Roamer space and the roamer token at the edge of the map in order for the walker to be removed) - Is there a way around this? Is it compulsory to use Map deck to determine the random Space?

2. When Objective B card revealed it instructs to: "place this card face up in an adjacent Space". Can I do this immediately and start placing Focus on this card even before the stage is unlocked as it is says "revealed" rather than "gain" or do I still need to Unlock previous objectives. Also do I use Focus tokens from the Survivors sheet or the main pool?

Another question on the rules: Special Actions - "The effects of a Special Action can only be triggered if the Active Survivor chooses to perform that Special Action instead of a standard Action". However on one of the post I read that the Special Action can be performed in addition to Standard (example was Handgun Training card). What is the correct use of the Special Actions listed on the Survivor's card?

Also, as a general note, I rely a lot on a Maneuver to either move survivors or clear the Stress and it leaves with very little option to use it for other effects such us using resources. It would have been great to utilise Focus or some other rule to make better use of the resources.