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    DC The Joker Calling Card

    This by a long shot is the most intense idea for a statue. The fact its made of resin and is life size scale 1:1 is awesome. Every group I've shared mine with everyone has questioned me on how? Where? etc. etc. I own three so far and look forward to the rest coming out.

    Does anyone own an AP (artist proof)? I need one.

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    I was looking for it as well, but didn't find anything. Let me know if there are any updates

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    Is it really a valuable one is this AP (artist proof). 4 repeater I don't know about it. It is actually used to know about the artist. So how will you get one? As an artist, you must keep these proofs for your needs.

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    Accidentally i have come across this website and am a little bit confused about the details shared here. Here it discusses the details regarding the DC, The joker calling card. I want to know more mobile boosters details regarding this and keep sharing more updates here.

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