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    Batman/Joker Rivals in E-Store

    If I bought the Batman/Joker Rivals in the E-Store, would I receive the original version, or the new version with the icons on the cards?

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    We still have the 1st printing in stock at our E-Store. Other places might have the 2nd. Look for the new DC logo.
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    I found the 2nd printing at

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    I bought 2nd printing from Money saving coupons, still, you wanna buy dear?. Why you are not checking there, I hope you will find it.
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    I have found 1st printing at E-store, 2nd printing is not available yet. You can buy 1st printing from nineteendolife by using online coupon codes.

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    Players will take on the role of Mat man and the Joker competing to take down their iconic rival Tellthebell.

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