For those that didn't check out the the BoardGameGeek GAMA 2019 Twitch stream, follow this link to 1:02:30 (ish) for Spoilers on DC Deckbuilding Rebirth and Epic Spell Wars from Dekan Wheeler:

Lots of neat DC Deckbuilding Rebirth takeaways:

*The layout consists of 5 Lineup Slots intermittent with 5 Locations circled around a Threat Track.
*Each Location brings a predetermined card(s?) to the lineup and/or provides a bonus.
*Super-Villains no longer occupy their slot, but rather are placed on Locations.
*"Move" is a new second economy whereby you buy cards from the lineup, buy cards and/or receive benefits from Locations, or face Super-Villains on Locations.
*Locations can be damaged and destroyed by the current Super-Villains, adding to the Threat Track. Heroes can prevent this by moving to the SV's Location to face them.
*There's no visible Kick stack on the board.
*Super-Villains can no longer be gained, but instead grant rewards.
*A campaign/legacy aspect contains various campaign packs and a tracker sheet in the instruction book.
*Cards can be "unlocked" or removed through game events in a campaign.
*Oversized hero cards mentioned: Flash and Simon Baz (spoiled in the video after the initial discussion as Dekan transitions to the Epic Spell Wars review).
*The game is cooperative by default, but can be set to competitive mode or solo.
*Past sets can be "updated" via the instructions into this new Rebirth setting.
*The playmat as well as a special scenario pack will be available to retailers as part of a launch/demo kit (it's a sexy-ass playmat).

What's still unclear from the video:
*Locations-do they have additional cards added to them after the first is purchased/gained? Do they all bring cards to the lineup? Do their bonuses only apply as long a hero occupies the space or do some "follow" the hero?
*Can the Rebirth cards be "downgraded" to suit the previous sets? The spoiled Flash and Simon facilitate the Move mechanic, though Simon has a situational draw "or" move bonus. I'd be curious if they all have a similar situational dual bonus and if you just remove the Move and simply have one bonus if playing in retro mode.
*Are there still Meeples? In the video, there was a small standee on a plastic base (which I think I'd prefer) but no Meeples, though it's mentioned there are tweaks for the finished product (ie. the length of the scenario packs to fit the box).
*Are there consequences to moving to the Super-Villains location, to prevent the location's destruction, but being unable to defeat them (ie. discarding/destroying cards, gaining weaknesses)? I'm presuming so.

I, for one, am pumped as hell! Move looks fun and way to ratchet up the tension early on. I love campaign/legacy-style play so I'm all in for that as well as the potential to add new campaign packs in future expansions. The playmat looks fantastic and I'm sure as $#!% gonna ask/beg my FLGS to order the demo/release kit.

It's odd to no longer gain Super-Villains. I'm sure the reward system will work and I won't mind the change, it's just irked me that people have had beef with that part of the game.
[soapbox] It's been an inane criticism. Anyone's who's read a comic understands that villains defeated can be coerced into helping a hero or unite with them against a greater threat. Moreover, the reviewers point to an easy justification (or justice-league-ification *facepalm*) as the cards representing secrets/lessons gained from defeating a villain.

Full disclosure: I didn't really dive into the Epic Spell Wars stuff as I'm not familiar with the game but might in the near-future as it's now getting into the Cerebus engine.