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    Cryptozoic at GAMA 2019! (DC DeckBuilding Rebirth/Epic Spell Wars Annihilageddon)

    For those that didn't check out the the BoardGameGeek GAMA 2019 Twitch stream, follow this link to 1:02:30 (ish) for Spoilers on DC Deckbuilding Rebirth and Epic Spell Wars from Dekan Wheeler:

    Lots of neat DC Deckbuilding Rebirth takeaways:

    *The layout consists of 5 Lineup Slots intermittent with 5 Locations circled around a Threat Track.
    *Each Location brings a predetermined card(s?) to the lineup and/or provides a bonus.
    *Super-Villains no longer occupy their slot, but rather are placed on Locations.
    *"Move" is a new second economy whereby you buy cards from the lineup, buy cards and/or receive benefits from Locations, or face Super-Villains on Locations.
    *Locations can be damaged and destroyed by the current Super-Villains, adding to the Threat Track. Heroes can prevent this by moving to the SV's Location to face them.
    *There's no visible Kick stack on the board.
    *Super-Villains can no longer be gained, but instead grant rewards.
    *A campaign/legacy aspect contains various campaign packs and a tracker sheet in the instruction book.
    *Cards can be "unlocked" or removed through game events in a campaign.
    *Oversized hero cards mentioned: Flash and Simon Baz (spoiled in the video after the initial discussion as Dekan transitions to the Epic Spell Wars review).
    *The game is cooperative by default, but can be set to competitive mode or solo.
    *Past sets can be "updated" via the instructions into this new Rebirth setting.
    *The playmat as well as a special scenario pack will be available to retailers as part of a launch/demo kit (it's a sexy-ass playmat).

    What's still unclear from the video:
    *Locations-do they have additional cards added to them after the first is purchased/gained? Do they all bring cards to the lineup? Do their bonuses only apply as long a hero occupies the space or do some "follow" the hero?
    *Can the Rebirth cards be "downgraded" to suit the previous sets? The spoiled Flash and Simon facilitate the Move mechanic, though Simon has a situational draw "or" move bonus. I'd be curious if they all have a similar situational dual bonus and if you just remove the Move and simply have one bonus if playing in retro mode.
    *Are there still Meeples? In the video, there was a small standee on a plastic base (which I think I'd prefer) but no Meeples, though it's mentioned there are tweaks for the finished product (ie. the length of the scenario packs to fit the box).
    *Are there consequences to moving to the Super-Villains location, to prevent the location's destruction, but being unable to defeat them (ie. discarding/destroying cards, gaining weaknesses)? I'm presuming so.

    I, for one, am pumped as hell! Move looks fun and way to ratchet up the tension early on. I love campaign/legacy-style play so I'm all in for that as well as the potential to add new campaign packs in future expansions. The playmat looks fantastic and I'm sure as $#!% gonna ask/beg my FLGS to order the demo/release kit.

    It's odd to no longer gain Super-Villains. I'm sure the reward system will work and I won't mind the change, it's just irked me that people have had beef with that part of the game.
    [soapbox] It's been an inane criticism. Anyone's who's read a comic understands that villains defeated can be coerced into helping a hero or unite with them against a greater threat. Moreover, the reviewers point to an easy justification (or justice-league-ification *facepalm*) as the cards representing secrets/lessons gained from defeating a villain.

    Full disclosure: I didn't really dive into the Epic Spell Wars stuff as I'm not familiar with the game but might in the near-future as it's now getting into the Cerebus engine.

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    Didn't mention a couple of other points about Rebirth:
    *Starter decks now consist of 6x Punch (+1 Power), 3x Run (+2 Move), and 1 Assist (+1 for another player).

    Also, watched the video again and answered on of my own questions.
    Correction: Villains feed into the lineup as normal, but move towards a predetermined Location (printed on their card). If they arrive at their location, they attack all players. If a player moves to their location, they tie up the villain and are the only player being attacked.

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    Just a couple of clarifications.

    Each Scenario tells you which 5 of the 7 Locations will be used, and which side. Their placement is random, so replays will feel different every time. Side A has an Ability (pay Move, Power, or Discard) that generates an effect. Side B has a Basic stack of 5 cards. Locations do not "seed" the Line-Up. There is no Kick stack as there are instead 2-3 Basic stacks of cards that cost either 2 or 3, so no Kick stack is needed and we wanted the Basic cards (a new card type) to be thematic to the Locations, and you must be on it to buy one.

    You don't put Villains or Super-Villains into your deck.

    Move is not used to buy cards.

    Not going to spoil more now.
    Original Designer
    DC Deck-Building Game

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    It's like DC meets AoT meets Hogwarts Battle meets legacy games. Looking forward to getting some time in at Gencon.

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