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    Walking dead no sanctuary : Ally Rick giving another survivor an immediate action


    If the ally Rick give another survivor an immediate action, it's his Red action on his big ally card.

    Do another survivor have to play a card (and maybe pay the cost of being defiant again)? Can they do actions on the card or only the basic actions?

    (But if an ally can do an action on their big card, how do they know their approach if their controlling survivor haven't played cards this turn?, So I assume only the basic actions)

    If I don't need to play a card, how do I know my fear effects in case I need to roll some black dice for the basic actions? So I assume I need to play a card. (But that would cost my health)

    But that means a survivor can play 2 cards this turn, maybe he can have 2 different approaches in one turn, it's weird but might be coherent. Need confirmation.

    Thank you.
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