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    Who Do You Want For Playable Characters?

    I would like to see:
    Plastic Man
    John Stewart
    Supergirl (non-red lantern)

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    I'd definitely would LOVE to see Atrocitus as a Oversized Villain/Main Character. I just love Red Lanterns.

    Or even Thomas Wayne as Batman (also love Flashpoint)
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    I had a thread about this a while ago saying I'd love to see Hawk and Dove added.

    A Young Justice set would be interesting as well

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    Doom Patrol crossover, not close.

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    Etrigan - the player using him must speak only in rhyme

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    Stephanie Brown in any of her heroic aspects (The Spoiler, Robin, or Batgirl) or, ideally, all three.

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    Miss Martian
    Killer Croc
    The Crime Syndicate
    Injustice versions of characters
    Mas y Menos (because of the novelty)

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    The New Iteration of the Legion of Doom - would like to see the Ultra Violet Sinestro possibly controls other main character's game text; possibly something a clayface Main Character can do as well (I think I read this somewhere before, could be a neat concept).

    A Crime Syndicate version of Rebirth - where while the game is on co-op mode it could get each main character have a side missions for scenarios that requires you to complete objectives for your own benefit; possible reward is you start the next scenario by taken your teammates signature card as an addition to your own or have victory tokens and acquiring more loot.

    A Green Lantern and the new guardians; play a character along the light spectrum - maybe have lantern entities ongoing cards that boost your power (similar to location cards).

    Young Justice characters

    Red Hood and the Outlaws
    Killer Croc
    Black Mask

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    Remembered another: I want a playable version of Huntress that is still good outside of playing within her Crossover set. I wanted the same for Catwoman, which we're thankfully getting in CO8.

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    Plastic Man
    Batman Beyond
    Jason Blood/Etrigan
    Ra's Al Ghul

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