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    Multiverse/Rules of Play Questions

    I have a question regarding the Multiverse expansion, but first I would like to clarify how we've previously been playing the game:

    1) When a player's turn has finished, that player draws their next hand of five cards (unless modified). This means all players usually have a hand to discard cards from in the event of an Attack occurring on another player's turn. Is this normally what happens at the end of a player's turn?

    2) The main problem we're facing is the rule that before a confrontation, "your hand must be empty". I'm assuming this is not a separate phase in itself, and is the point in-between discarding your remaining cards at the end of your turn and drawing up a new hand? Can this also apply if a person has been attacked and they have no cards remaining in their hand for next turn?

    We've been playing it without this rule and we feel that it's now crucial to be included in our game: the aggressive players In our group currently have more agency as there is no risk to them declaring a confrontation since they already know what is in their hand.

    Thank you for any advice that can be given. Multiverse is currently our favourite game mode and we'd very much like to keep the playing field a little more even.

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    The intent of the rule "your hand must be empty" is that you have played all your cards and cannot increase your power or hold an attack in reserve when you confront an opponent's champion. This point comes BEFORE the end of your turn when you would discard any unplayed cards and then draw a new hand. You simply play out all your cards, decide if you are going after their champion, declare who you are attacking, and then they have a chance to respond with cards in their hand. Slightly different set of rules compared to Rivals and Confrontations.

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    That helps significantly! Thank you for the concise answer.

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