It's been a while since I've seen a thread like this, but here it goes: have you invented a, or played someone else's, variant on the DC Deck-Building Game? Have you thought of something to make the game a bit, or totally, different but haven't actually applied it to games?

Can be anything from a simple house rule (something having increased VP/Cost) to a completely different win condition. Here are some examples from past threads:

1) Super Villain Team-ups - We take one each of the regular villains (Bane, Cheetah, Penguin, etc. until we have 12 separate ones) and mix them in with the Super Villains so that as each SV comes up, then up comes his partner in crime! In order to defeat (for example) Joker, you have to pay Joker's cost PLUS his partner's cost.

2) Weakness attacks - Shuffle 6 weaknesses into the main deck - when one comes up, whoever turned it up after buying, immediately turns over a second Super Villain and in order to proceed both SVs have to be defeated. It gets interesting when more than two SVs are up at a time. Weakness turned up goes into your discard pile.

3) Double deck - each player is giving 6 vulnerabilities and 12 punches to start. Makes thinning your deck much harder and makes for a more interesting albeit slower game.

4) Surprise Kick - Shuffle all the kicks and weaknesses together. Whenever a card says you gain a weakness or you gain a kick, you get the top card of the facedown pile. Supergirl might get you a weakness instead of a kick. If you spend 3 to buy a kick, you might get a weakness. If you gain a weakness (Joker, Lex Luthor, Bane, etc.) you might gain a kick.

5) Stationary Superhero - We flip up one of the Superheroes (for example Wonder Woman) and place her to the side. We each now can use her ability in addition to our own Superhero.

6) BOGO - Okay, this is Buy One Get One free - as you refill the line-up, if you flip up a 3, and there is another card costing 3, you place it on top of that 3 - when you go to buy that card, you pay 3, but get both cards! (This is insane, fast and stupid. Try playing with it at the end of the night and everyone just laughs at how stupid it gets. Especially when you get two super strengths for only 7. Or cries because your opponent gets the better cards!)

7) Auto replacement - borrowed from Marvel Legendary and Star Trek TOS deck building games - As soon as one card is bought or gained, you replace it immediately, not at end of turn. Also, you can add the rule that once per turn you can discard or destroy a card in the lineup and replace it.

8) Multiple game destruction - when you sit down to play multiple games, leave all cards destroyed out of the next game - this is a blast when you play 3 or 4 games!

9) Forced retirement - when you defeat a Super Villain, you, and you only, must retire your Super Hero to the bottom of the Super Hero deck and get a new one. Makes it harder to customize your deck, but can be more of a 'level the playing field' kind of thing.

What rules/modes have you guys come up with?