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    1) I have Ancient Map and Tomb of Hath-Set in play. At the start of my turn, if I use Ancient Map first, I can no longer use Tomb of Hath-Set, correct?

    2) If a player has two effects in play, both having "At the start of my turn" texts, would they only be able to use one of those effects since the second would no longer trigger at the start of the turn?

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    My thoughts, for what they are worth is that you are correct on the first. Things that are specifically timed to the beginning of your turn precede any other optional actions taken during your turn. Regarding the second, Crypto staff have said before that if you have multiple beginning of turn effects you choose the order they occur in, so you do get multiple triggers, but they all need to be resolved before you start taking any optional actions or playing any cards. Say for example you have Tomb of Hath Set in play as well as Oa. Both locations describe actions timed to the beginning of your turn, but you could choose to trigger Tomb first to dump your hand and draw new cards and then trigger Oa.

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