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    DC Specific Card Rulings and Clarifications, Pt VIII

    Post your DC DBG questions and comments here, especially about Rebirth!
    Check out the preview article here:
    Preview article now contains a link to the rulebook (near the end)!

    Couple of quick Rebirth reminders:
    ~Line-Up slots might end up with multiple cards in them. You may buy any card in a slot.
    ~Destroyed Weakness cards ARE returned to the stack.
    ~Open Scenario packs with the number facing you. The first thing you should see is the Rebirth Logo. If not, flip the cards over before reading anything.
    ~Ongoing cards stay in play turn after turn when they are played (until used by discarding them).
    ~Scenario 6: Threat Level 5 is covered by Threat Tile I, not J. There is no J.

    ~Scenario 7 transitioning to 8. Destroyed Villains are not removed from the main deck.
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