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    Future DC Expansions

    Is the Batman Ninja Crossover pack the last of the DC DBG expansions to release this year?

    Any future expansions, that can be mentioned, to look forward to?

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    DC Rebirth - Just Released
    Epic Spell Wars Annihilageddon - September 2019 (according to GenCon attendees)
    DC Crossover 8 - Batman Ninja - Planned for October (according to GenCon attendees)
    Rick and Morty - Tales from the Citadel - Early 2020 last we heard.

    They had a preview at Gencon with BGG, saying there were plans for an expansion of some sort for Rebirth next year. It would be nice to know earlier what is in the pipe line, but we really don't know the full line up till like Feb or March, at Gama or something.

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    I still want a Dark Knights Metal Set, that would be awesome and I will continue to say so

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    Batman Ninja is the last DC product of the year, with more to come next year.
    Tales from the Citadel might get pushed back, as we are releasing something else instead.
    We want to do Dark Knights: Metal as well...
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    Superman and Wonder Woman really need some Crossover Pack love.

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    A friend of mine is really hoping for a Shazam vs. Black Adam Rivals. I personally would love a TMNT crossover, as there is now a Batman vs. TMNT movie.

    Or maybe a Multiverse Box 2, as I have already run out of space for my sleeved cards pre-Rebirth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Hyra View Post
    We want to do Dark Knights: Metal as well...
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    That new expansion looks so sick! Now I'm pumped for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexLuthorJr View Post
    Superman and Wonder Woman really need some Crossover Pack love.
    Just mentioning this again.

    Plus we need a The Flash vs. (Somebody) Rivals set.

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    Cant wait for Dark Nights Metal, looks like a full set like Rebirth was

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