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    The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary - Traffic Jam scenario

    I played the base game trough the six scenarios, and now try my hand at What Lies Ahead: Traffic Jam. I really enjoy the experience even if a lot of rule questions arise along the play. I solved many for myself and tried to Read As Written as much as possible but there are still some bumps:

    1. Glenn has the ability to search a building within range 1. Due to wall, it is not possible to have firing LoS from outside to inside a building, hence there must be a different meaning to range here. Does Range means you could move inside the building in 1 step (ie adjacent), or does Range mean the LoS have to be traced to the wall rather than the centre of the building, ie all 8 surrounding hexes from Glenn?
    2. Same question with Traffic Jam scenario. Are Survivors inside buildings within Range 1 of Walkers surrounding the building? Or do the Walkers lack a LoS to the inside of the building?

    3. Traffic Jam again: AFAI understand, if all survivors are hidden OR if all survivors are ignored (ie in the forest), the Walkers head for the Roamer. What happens if some survivors are hidden and some survivors are in the forest? If I read as written, the special activation of Walkers is not triggered, hence they head for the closer survivor outside the wood (even if hidden). Am I right?

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the great clarifications I already read on this forum. Cheers!
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