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    Mixing Non Rebirth Main Deck Cards into Rebirth


    The rules for Rebirth are straightforward when it comes to migrating base set villains into Rebirth.

    When it comes to the other main deck cards, what is the best way to integrate them? I feel that just combining the whole main deck into Rebirth would be too much and dilute the Rebirth mechanics.

    Any thoughts?

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    Best bet would be to migrate cards in to replace some cards of that same cost.
    You might want to leave a good deal of the Move cards in the Rebirth main, but you could remove a few when doing swaps.

    If you wanted to throw a whole Crossover pack in, you should find a way to increase your difficulty a bit, due to the extra cards/time. Scenario pack 8 may help there. I wouldn't add more than one Crossover at a time. I don't believe one would dilute the mechanics too much.
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