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    Rebirth Results

    Has anyone completed Rebirth? What was your point total?

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    Yes! Played a 3 player campaign (Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg) and squeaked out a 27 point total, mainly due to having our locations savaged horribly in one scenario where after the opening lineup with one villain, the next cards were 3 villains all of whom showed up right next to their locations. As Batman I sat on one, but the others went to town with no one being able to defend or build the power needed to defeat them for quite a few rounds.
    We are playing a second campaign with different characters (Simon Baz, Aquaman, Superman) and had the same thing happen in scenario 2...

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    Wow. You got all three side missions both times? Krypto seems rather difficult to get.

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    No, we only did the buildings one once. Krypto was super hard the first time, but we managed to get it done in Scenario 5 if I recall correctly. I, as Batman, essentially just sat on the first super villain that came out (Despero I think) and waited for the second one to come hoping it would be 9 or 10 cost (I think it was Lex Luthor) and then had both herded to the one spot with 2 Zodiac Crystals used as assists. A confluence of having the right cards early and then Bats having a built in defense card into his starting deck makes it easy to cull it down to basically just defenses in his deck early on.

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