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    Angry When told to 'Discard a card' can you discard a card you have played?

    When playing the various DC Universe games there are many cards that tell you to draw cards and then discard cards. Can you pay the discard requirement with cards you have already played i.e. resolved their abilities and spent their power?

    An Example of this is Royal Flush Gang in Forever Evil that tells you to draw 2 cards and discard 2 cards. Can you discard 2 Kicks that you have already spent the 4 power from?

    Can you discard Royal Flush Gang itself as one of the 2 discards?

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    Nope. Discard means from hand and occasionally ongoing cards if the text specifies them.

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    Thanks, makes perfect sense now you say it! I was debating with my nephew who likes to 'bend' rules and couldn't find a specific answer in the rules but I suppose when you have played a card you no longer 'control' it and therefore cannot do anything else with it, including discard it.

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