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    I didn't even know preorders were live, damn

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    Same, my FLGS doesn't seem to be getting this product in anytime soon too. I'll have to wait it out!

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    Hopefully they offer the Clayface promo with purchases from this site. I can't even go to my FLGS. The hours they are now open don't work for me

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    I got the Cryptozoic email today. The game comes out August 12. Will we be able to order more through Cryptozoic?

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    I'm from Spain and preordered DNM in Zatu Games, UK. Shipping and customs from USA are very expensive. Will Zatu Games provide Clayface promo?

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    Do we just have to preorder from a FLGS or Cryptozoic for Clayface or only from this site?

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    More Dark Nights Metal boxes are in the Cryptozoic e-store.

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    Pre-ordered it when the second wave of preorders went live! Thought it was releasing today, but I suppose shipping will be later.

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    I'm so sad. My flgs only was able to get 2 copies from their distributor of the 3 I ordered . I hope when the 3rd gets sent to him it still will have the Clayface promo. The order volume was so high they capped him

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    I managed to find a distributor with the help of Light IT. They helped me promote music at a very low cost. I also plan to soon create a website where you can sell and buy ready-made music. I think this will be useful to many people.
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