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    Card Storage Issue

    How does everyone store their DC Deck-Building collection?

    I am currently keeping my collection in the Wooden Artist Case you can get from Broken Token, but that has run out of room. I already took out all the Starters, Kicks, and Weaknesses from the Heroes United, Forever Evil, and Teen Titans base sets to save room. Rebirth is also in a separate box. Now with the announcement of Dark Knights: Metal, I have no idea how I'm going to get my collection around.

    I have group of friends and we play pretty much every weekend. The case I have works beautifully, but I'd hate to have to carry around two of them. Even a smaller case would kinda be a hassle.

    I really don't want to keep them in card boxes in a duffel bag or anything like that. I worry it would get banged around too much. A nice case where I could see everything would be great, but I can't find anywhere that makes a case that big.

    Any suggestions?

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    I store all the regular cards in the multiverse box. Walmart sells a small keepsake box that i use for the oversize cards.

    Its not ideal, but its okay for now. I've been looking for a hard plastic case similar to the multiverse box with little success because the retail cardboard box is coming apart at the literal seams. Its just not sturdy enough with all the cards released to date in it, sleeved.

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    A couple of friends of mine ended up buying these and they worked out pretty well, but I think you'd need two now to hold everything:
    I'm sure there's a retailer in the US who carries something along these lines.

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