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    Roundhouse by EmperorS4. Does anyone have a turn actions card? Or know how to play it

    Hi. I picked up the game at a book store, and haven't for the life of me been able to work out how to play it from the rule book. From video reviews and how to plays I've seen an 'actions you can take on your turn' card. My copy doesn't have that.
    Does anyone have it and would be able to post a legible picture of it? Or else does anyone know how to play it and would be able to type one out?
    From pausing Speed Test Solitaire essay writer and screenshoting youtube videos I haven't been able to get a clear or completely picture of it. I know it's a weird request but if anyone could provide it i'm sure just this one thing would make all the different to getting our heads around how to you know, play it.

    Thank you.
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