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    Question about selling to Europe

    Hi there.

    I am a big fan of DC DBG, having all the games and expansions so far. But as I live in Spain, I have found the problem that everytime is harder or more expensive to find or being able to get your stuff.

    I tryed to buy your stuff from your shop, but you only serve to EEUU and Canada. There is some way to buy directly to you? Some plan expanding your selling to Europe?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Baby Yeti
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    Pedro Muñoz, Spain
    Yo lo compro todo en a medida que lo van sacando. Lo único que tuve que comprar en (con el correspondiente sablazo en aduanas) fue el Batman Ninja, que no lo han puesto en Dracotienda. Y las promos las he ido consiguiendo en ebay o en la geekstore.

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