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    Predicting the Superheroes in Crisis?.


    Animal Man

    Pros: extremely acclaimed comic book run in the mid-1980s by the legendary Grant Morrison; popular Vertigo reboot later on; very successful recent run in the New 52. He's been in a few crossover events over the years, most recently with Swamp Thing (who's already shown up in the DC DBG).

    Cons: his New 52 run is ending this month (NO!), but he's joining one of the Justice League teams shortly thereafter (YES!). Still not krogerfeedback talktosonic talktowendys very well-known, since he's always been a niche series.

    Power Girl

    Pros: popular superheroine that's had a hand in multiple Crisis events in the DC Universe. Had her own series multiple times before the New 52. Multiple appearances in New 52 comics, World's Finest in particular.

    Cons: She's an alternate-dimension version of Supergirl, and that's kinda weird. She's probably most well-known for her figure and not her personality or accomplishments, which is also kinda weird.

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