Hi there, I'm a big fan of the DC deckbuilder and use it often when working with groups of young adults who have difficulties. I have been in touch with you guys before regarding our work but i have something different to ask now.

I have designed a new expansion, known as villain schemes, to up the difficulty of the game somewhat, as we found we were beating it too often in Crisis mode. The new cards represent a specific scheme/device a Super-Villain undertakes/uses to attempt to overthrow the heroes etc and stay in play until the current super-villain is beaten.

I have PDF's of the cards that i was going to upload and let people print & play to see what they think but i want to check that i am allowed to do this.

The expansion seriously increases the difficulty especially for two players where for obvious reasons it becomes much easier. Firstly would you like me to send it to you first for proofing etc, and secondly would anyone like to actually see the expansion?