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    Has the DC Comics Deck-building games stood the test of time?

    I don't see this one mentioned very often around here. I know people dislike the fact that it doesn't really make sense thematically to use punches to buy kicks or to fight and then use villains, but I'm more interested in how it is mechanically.

    Is the base game decent enough on its own? After so many good deckbuilders released in the last couple of years, is it still relevant?

    I'm already investing a lot of money in two collectible-ish games, Legendary Marvel and Lord of the Rings the Card Game, so I was wondering whether the base set (any of them) for this one is entertaining enough.

    From afar it seems interesting, as there are few games out there to use the DC licensing, but I'm afraid the DC label on it is the only things that actually makes it interesting.
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    It is a really good game regardless. I would urge most people to consider expansions as well, but that's largely because it's the number one game in our group, and the variety keeps it fresh if you're planning on playing more than once every few weeks.

    If you do want a good standalone without diving too heavily into expansions, Heroes Unite (the second base set) is better than the original game, and the best they've released in general by far.

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    Yes, it still hits the table for me fairly often. As long as you know what you are getting when you buy this game, you should be fine. I think Marvel Legendary is a better deeper game, but sometimes I just want a quick fun deck builder that does not require a huge setup. I like DC comics and I really enjoy the mini expansions they put out for the game. It is a light fun deck builder that leaves you wanting to play again. For me, it is like a summer action film or Law and Order. Sure with very little work, you could find a deeper/better film or show, but sometimes you are just in the mood for some familiar entertainment.

    So people that like type of game or are in the mood for it seem to still be positive about it in threads. People that want a deeper experience or are kinda burnt out overall on deck builders seem a little less positive. But again, if you know what you're getting into, it is a fun game.

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