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    Walking Dead game: Cryptozoic or Z-man?

    What is everyone's experience with either of these game versions? I was always more curious about the Z-man version as it's based on the comic but that's not enough to make me decide one way or the other. LGS owner near me said he favored the Cryptozoic version but didn't have a chance to ask him why. Opinions please! Much obliged.

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    Do NOT get the Z Man. I own that one. All you do it make trails of zombies behind you, and block your path to your objectives that are all over the board with no reference to the source material except for the characters you play as. It also becomes highly unbalanced very quickly... As most missions leave you and your group getting hurt really fast. vshare

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    Good to see the comments shared here because the commentators photo editing services real estate are explaining their ideas regarding the game specified here. I need more clarification regarding this walking dead game. I am looking here for more updates and hope that you will share the details soon here.

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