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    Multiverse/Rules of Play Questions??

    I have a question regarding the Multiverse expansion, but first I would like to clarify how we've previously been playing the game:

    1) When a player's turn has finished, that player draws their next hand of five cards (unless modified). This means all players usually have a hand to discard cards from in the event of an Attack occurring on another player's turn.omegle xender Is this normally what happens at the end of a player's turn?

    2) The main problem we're facing is the rule that before a confrontation, "your hand must be empty". I'm assuming this is not a separate phase in itself, and is the point in-between discarding your remaining cards at the end of your turn and drawing up a new hand? Can this also apply if a person has been attacked and they have no cards remaining in their hand for next turn?

    We've been playing it without this rule and we feel that it's now crucial to be included in our game: the aggressive players In our group currently have more agency as there is no risk to them declaring a confrontation since they already know what is in their hand.

    Thank you for any advice that can be given. Multiverse is currently our favourite game mode and we'd very much like to keep the playing field a little more even.
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    1) Yes. You always draw a new hand at the end of your turn, and that hand is subject to any effects directed your way during other players' turns.

    2) And the rules state that your hand must be empty prior to RESOLVING a Confrontation. It's just stating that if you confront, you MUST play your whole hand and tally up your power before the defender uses Blocks. Basically, here's an outline for a turn in which you Confront:
    (1) Play any or all cards from your hand that DON'T have Confrontation-specific effects. You may currently also buy cards from the line-up and kick stack. Note that if you play any cards with Confrontation effects BEFORE declaring that you are Confronting, you cannot Confront.
    (2) Declare that you are Confronting.
    (3) Play the remaining cards from your hand, including the cards with Confrontation-specific effects. You cannot buy other cards at this point, but you may still gain them via effects.
    (4) Calculate your total Power.
    (5) Your opponent may now activate Block effects and calculates the new cost for their Champion.
    (6) If your total Power does not meet or exceed the Champion's cost, proceed to end of turn.
    (7) If your total Power does meet or exceed the Champion's cost, immediately resolve that Champion's attack against all players other than its current owner.
    (8) Place the Champion into your discard pile.
    (9) You may now spend excess Power as normal.
    (10) Proceed to end of turn, at which point the player whose Champion was defeated reveals their next Champion, or flips their Multiverse Location face-down.

    Note that there are several Super-Villains that have Stack Ongoings that modify what you CAN play. These alter the requirement for resolving a Confrontation.

    Example 1: Impossible Mode Mr. Freeze (Crisis 2) says "Each player may play only up to four cards from his hand during each of his turns." Once you have played four cards from your hand and resolved their effects, as you can no longer play cards from your hand, you are considered to have "emptied your hand".
    Example 2: Impossible Mode Atomica (Crisis 3) says "Each player cannot play cards with cost 5 or greater." Once you have played all cards with cost 4 or less and resolved their effects, you are considered to have "emptied your hand" regardless of whether or not you have cards with cost 5 or greater.
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