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    DC Deck building compatibility between sets???

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of what's compatible with what sets or what is just a stand-alone? I've looked through this forum/website and have seen some of the information I was seeking. I did find some information in a random post from that is relevant up to Teen Titian release. To the question, I played DC Deckbuilding omegle xender the original hero's at a friend a loved it! I started looking into getting it myself and have been pleasantly surprised by how many expansion/versions of the game that Cryptozoic offers. The issue I have is I do not know what is playable with what or if they all stand alone. I found a random post that explains up to Teen Titan release.

    Then i found the Multiverse, and that seems to be just a deck box but has cards in it, so i don't know what "core" set that is playable with..... and now Rebirth which I think is an updated of the original but not entirely sure.

    Any help would be much appreciated, or a point in the right direction would be just as lovely. Thank you for your time.
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    All the sets are interchangeable and the multiverse box is an add-on to any base set so you can use every set of cards you have in one big game. The rulebook explains this out well.

    Confrontations works well with the Rivals sets as any of the characters/cards are interchangeable and all have the same format to game play.

    Any of the Crisis sets can be played with any base set, but they are tailored to play with certain sets I find. Crisis 1 / Base set, Crisis 2 / Heroes United, Crisis 3 / Forever Evil and Crisis 4 / Teen Titans.

    All of the Crossover packs can be added to any base set.

    Rebirth seems to be a stand-alone set so far but with some tweaking as it describes in the rulebook, other sets can be added in.

    Even the Teen Titans Go! set can be played seperately or with other sets.

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    Just got into this game last week, and it is indeed really not easy to find a great listing also check my blog on official visa BIN. Here's my attempt:


    These are standalone games. They come with playable characters, enemies, starter cards, and a main deck. Everything you need to play in one box.

    Core box
    Teen Titans
    Heroes United
    Forever Evil
    Rebirth (coming in September 2018)

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    To expand on my previous post, there are so many sets to DC deck builder now it may seem overwhelming.
    The core sets are
    DC deck building base set
    Heroes United
    Forever Evil
    Teen Titans
    Dark Nights Metal

    Expansion sets include (and can be used in any base set)
    Crisis 1
    Crisis 2
    Crisis 3
    Crisis 4

    The Multiverse box contains 30+ cards to add to any base set and allows you to play a game combining every set you have.

    Rivals: Batman v Joker
    Rivals: Green Lantern v Sinestro.
    Both of these are 2 player standalone sets that can be combined with Confrontations.

    Crossover packs are addons to any of the above listed set to add themes to the game and new rules and mechanics.
    1 Justice Society of America
    2 Arrow (the tv show)
    3 Legion of Super Heroes
    4 Watchmen
    5 Rogues
    6 Birds of Prey
    7 New Gods
    8 Batman Ninja

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    Dark Nights Metal is compatible with any of the Crisis sets?

    Because I cant see it working correctly with the rescue mechanichs using Crisis heroes... (I have just received the Dark Nights set, and I have not still tried it.

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