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    Bane crisis 3 card rule question?

    “ Bane Oversize Crisis Super-Villain” reads :each time you destroy a card with cost 1 or greater a player ( including yourself ) owns, you may place it under this card. These cards may be used to beat Crisis cards. Does that mean that cards under pain become a universal type or does that mean they are their own car specific type to be a crisis

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    They remain the cards that they are. All it means is that when you have the opportunity to contribute cards to a crisis on your turn you can use those cards that are applicable under Bane instead of from your hand. So if you had destroyed a kick and needed a super power or a 3 cost card to contribute to a crisis, you could use the kick. Similarly heroes, defenses, equipment, villains, attacks - if the Crisis calls for it and the card you have destroyed and is under Bane fits the criteria, you can use it.
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