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    Will there be an Adventure Time Card Wars reprint soon?


    I've been searching around all day trying to find specifically the Lemongrab vs Gunter pack. I've called half a dozen local stores and scoured the internet the best I could and I can't find this deck, which is actually how I got here...

    There are only a couple of online stores selling the pack I'm looking for but they are either outside the USA or charging more than I'm willing to spend on my friend's birthday (this upcoming Thursday).

    You see, my friend convinced me to watch Adventure Time this year and I love the show. His favorite character is Lemongrab and I thought it would be a cool gift for him, plus we've recently been playing more card games so it was really on brand.

    In 2018 Matt_Hyra said that sometimes collector packs are still printed but since the show was ending, there wouldn't be any new cards. I was hoping Matt_Hyra would respond to this post because I also wanted to ask if there are any new plans for the game since HBO Max and Cartoon Network brought the show back for a 4 part series, Adventure Time: Distant Lands. The first part was out in June 2020 and the next 3 supposedly coming soon.

    Anyways, If anyone has any leads on where I might find the Lemongrab pack for under $50, that would cool.

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