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    Unable to upload tournament due to temporary players

    Good afternoon everyone,

    This past weekend I TO'd the "Love is in the Air" tournament and we had some temporary players entered as well. Once the event was over, the tracker software said that I am unable to upload the tournament results until those temporary players recieve CZE ID's.

    Question is: Do I have to get those people to register online before I can upload the results? Or is there a quicker way to get them ID's so I can upload?

    P.S. We used all our CZE membership registration cards for the month. Any possibility on getting more for next month?

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    Every participant in a sanctioned tournament must have a CZE ID. They do not have to register before you upload. Email to request more cards.
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    Thank you for the clarification and Email!

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    Once you receive your CZE IDs, please make sure to reconcile your temporary player IDs the correct way:

    Click on "Utilities" in the menu bar.
    Select and click on "Reconcile Temporary Player IDs" - this will cause a new window to open.
    Click on one of the players.
    Type the CZE ID that you are issuing that player into the "Player ID" text box.
    Click the "Assign" button.
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    What if im not gonna get new czid's for a while, the tournament will go deliquient

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    E-mail and request additional IDs be sent out to your store. It may take a little while still and your events may still end up delinquent for a period of time, but they're being fairly lenient on that at the moment while stores get established with IDs and so forth.
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