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    Walking Dead TC... G?

    Please tell me its a game and not a collectible set of cards

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    Pretty sure it will be just collectable cards, not a game. They (CZE) were recently polling people on their Facebook page about non-game trading cards they would like to see.
    Ryan Skinner

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    This forum is for discussion on the Walking Dead Collectible Cards. This is not a trading card game.

    You can get information on this product here, as it becomes available:
    Ry Schueller
    Cryptozoic Entertainment

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    What is memorabilia?

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    Memorabilia can be a piece of anything authentic from the show, like a piece of a costume worn by the cast!

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    I still remember going to an Alliance Game Distributors open house and hearing a talk from the founder of Inkworks and he mentioned during the talk that you find out neat stuff when dealing with that end of memorobilia cards - such as when they were making the costume cards for their set based on the Catwoman movie he found out just how much padding Halle Berry had in her bra.
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    Roshen -

    I know you are just fleshing this stuff out but you can take a cue from other Trading Card products and produce an "Archive Box" (I wouldnt use this term to describe them since other company calls it that). Anyways an "Archive Box" contains in every pack I believe autographs and memorabilia. These boxes are given to those that order XX Cases as a sort of thank you for buying our product.

    Looking forward to this product and keep up the good work!

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    I was oddly excited at the prospect of this being a game, lol. Not so much into the trading cards.

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    Yah me too... a zombie themed TCG ... sign me up... a zombie themed trading card collection... eh
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    there is anew tcg deckbuilder with zombies its called resident evil and i hear it is like assescion

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